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The PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is now one of the most common web image formats. Compare to the JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) and GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) image format, the PNG format supports the alpha channel (semitransparency), 32 bit color depth and the lossless compression. And it's also smaller file size than the Photopshop PSD format. So plenty of image material on the Internet are in the PNG image format.

For web designers, developers and other icon hobbyists, IconLibraryX is a good choice to convert png to ico. The easiest way to do this conversion in IconLibraryX is using the drag-and-drop feature between the application and Windows Explorer. Drag png files from Windows Explorer into IconLibraryX and then drag the converted icons from IconLibraryX to Windows Explorer. That's all!

If you have special needs such as custom icon formats or generating multiple icon image formats from single png image, you may try related importing and exporting functions.

The first step is import your png files into IconLibraryX. IconLibraryX supplies several different commands to do this.

  • Main menu>Icons>Import Icons:
    This base importing function allows you to import multiple png images in batch.
  • Main menu>Icons>Import Icons from Disk Directory:
    This function allows you to import all png images in a disk directory and its subdirectories.
  • Main menu>Icons>Import Icons from Image Strips/Grids:
    Sometimes, you need to import a png image with well-regulated sub-images. This function can split sub-images automatically.
  • Main menu>Categories>Import from Disk Directory Tree:
    Similar with the Import Icons from Disk Directory command except this command will create the category structure according to the directory structure automatically before importing icons.

After importing png images, the next step is exporting them to icon files. Just select the icons you want to export and choose the Main menu>Icons>Export Icons command. On the Export Icons dialog, select Windows Icon as output file format, choose the output directory, set desired icon image formats and then export!

Another exporting function is the Main menu>Categories>Export to Disk Directory Tree command. This command allows you export a whole category structure with icons to disk.

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