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  • BytesX Favicon Generator Freeware - Easy-to-use favicon maker that can create favicon from most popular image formats and icon containing files.
Popular icons downloads:
  • Add delete edit icons - The add, delete and edit icons are most commonly used icons for web designers and application developers.
  • Google icons - Google product icons, logos and other google related icons.
  • Website icons - Most common website icons for web designers.
  • Folderico icons - Folder icons are the most favorite icons of common computer users who frequently change the icons of their most commonly used disk folders.
  • Picked 16x16 icons - 16x16 icons are widely used on various kinds web sites as symbols or indicators. With smaller file size and enough graphics expression, 16x16 icons are the best choice in many cases. Additionally, they're also the base requirement of icons of toolbars and menus in computer programming.
  • Cool icons - Many users of social networking websites or forums tend to use some unique and cool icons as their avatars. These special icons make their owners look different and cool! For the same reason, these icons also be widely used in posts or comments.
  • Recycle bin icons - Recycle bin icons are the most familiar icons for common computer users. Basically, they see the special system icon on their desktop almost every day.
  • Windows XP icons - Official Microsoft Windows XP system icons. From Windows XP, Microsoft introduced the 32bit color depth icon format that contains the alpha channel (known as XP icon format) as the default system icon format.

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