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IconLibraryX is a next-generation icon finder and manager software for your icon collection. Different with other traditional icon library applications, IconLibraryX introduces an extended icon library format that can be able to categorize icons with a tree-structure organizational system. This system allows you to add the same icon into multiple categories and only occupy one storage space. The icon names and keywords can be added for regular-expression enabled searchs.

With IconLibraryX, you can easily import icons from or export icons to icon containing files, such as ICO, ICL, EXE, DLL, or popular image formats, including PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, etc. The Windows XP variable transparency (alpha channel) and the Windows Vista/7 256x256 PNG compression is fully supported. The unique directory tree importing/exporting feature permits you to create your own tree-structure icon database in a flash. The image strips/grids creating and importing function is extremely useful for developers, icon designers and publishers. All the creation, conversion, importing and exporting processes can be in batch-processing mode and can be done by the drag & drop operations.

IconLibraryX Features

IconLibraryX is an easy to use and super-powerful icon software. Don't let its small size fool you! It's filled with features...

  • Advanced tree-structure icon database with better categorization and retrieval
    The tree-structure organizational system of IconLibraryX is far better than the parallel structure of the traditional icon library. It brings more efficient categorization and retrieval. You are also allowed to copy the index of the icons to multiple suitable categories. No physical copying, no duplicate disk space needed. All the copies of the same icon only occupy one storage space.

    tree-structure icon database

  • Exclusive Image Strips/Grids creating and importing
    If you're an art designer or icon publisher, IconLibraryX will be your best assistant who can help you to flaunt the fruits of your labor. This feature permits you to create demo pictures easily for your icons at any time. For software developers, it's a rare utility for the toolbars of your applications. You will be very glad to create directories in IconLibraryX for your every toolbar for later repositioning, appending, editing and exporting. Many optional settings, include sub image size, number of column and row, interval space, background color are available.

    grids importing

  • Search icons in an easy and efficient way
    IconLibraryX implemented a full-featured icofinder to help users to search icons easily. Besides the common icon search, you're allowed to use the regular-expression in the search text to do more complicated and efficient searchs.
  • Create icons from images automatically
    With IconLibraryX, you are able to create icons from your favorite images directly. All the popular image formats can be imported and converted automatically, such as Portable Network Graphic (*.png), Microsoft Bitmap (*.bmp), Joint Photographic Experts Group (*.jpg), Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif), Tag Image File Format (*.tiff), etc.
    Convert png to ico in a second
    Use IconLibraryX as a Favicon Generator
  • All-purpose icon extractor
    You can extract icons from any type of icon containing files, such as Windows 16-bit and 32-bit Icon Library (*.icl), Windows Portable Executable file (*.exe), Dynamic Link Library (*.dll), etc.
  • More productive batch procedures
    Most of the functions in IconLibraryX are designed for batch-processing mode. You are allowed to choose any number of images, icon containing files, or even disk folders to import. You can also select any number of icons or icon formats in IconLibraryX for exporting or other operations. Even for the icon formats adding, now no need to create them one by one. With IconLibraryX, all the standard and any number of custom icon formats can be created by only one click.
  • Drag and drop everywhere
    The commonly used drag & drop feature has been pushed to extremes in IconLibraryX. You are allowed to drag and drop on almost any item in IconLibraryX, or between other applications and IconLibraryX. You can drop icons on a category to move or copy them, drop icon images to the icon list to create new icons automatically. The right mouse button drag & drop feature for various context menus is also available. Teh drag & drop between other applications and IconLibraryX is the most useful. You can drag & drop files and folders from Windows Explorer to IconLibraryX, or drag & drop items from IconLibraryX to Windows Explorer. You can even drag & drop files in WinRar or WinZip window to IconLibraryX, or drag & drop items onto a compression file to convert, export and compress them smoothly. When you surfing, you can drag & drop images on any web page to IconLibraryX to collect them. No annoying dialogs, no complicated settings. All the processes are automatically and seamlessly.
  • Handle tree-structure categorization easily by importing/exporting disk directory tree
    To make good use of the tree-structure organizational system, sometimes you need to import a whole directory tree with a mass of icons, icon libraries, images on your disk to IconLibraryX, or export the whole tree-structure database to your disk for future usage. All of these complex processes can be done by just a few clicks or even one single drag & drop operation.
  • Full support for Windows Vista/7 256x256 PNG-compressed icons
    IconLibraryX has the ability to import, export, store, modify icons for Windows Vista and Windows 7. These operating systems include a brand-new PNG-compressed icon format that supports larger dimensions up to 256x256 with alpha channel and smaller file size.
  • More Features...

User Testimonials

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    "IconLibraryX has been a fantastic time saving solution for my favorite icon collection!! It has enabled me to streamline and automate almost everything I used to do manually. I mean, you can even drag an icon image from IconLibraryX to Photoshop directly!!"
    – Don Belcher
  • quotes
    "This is one of the best things I've done for my business. I can now concentrate more on drawing and let IconLibraryX take care of all the other things!"
    – Paul Jackson
  • quotes
    "I can not work without this program now! Intuitive categorization, intuitive conversion and intuitive operations. IconLibraryX is what I have always wished. I've imported all of my icons and icls into IconLibraryX."
    – Chris Baker
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